Hi! I'm Steph, I'm 29 and this is my blog. I live in Glasgow with my husband James - I went back to university last year to study Design Innovation/Service Design, and is about to leave his public affairs job to learn to code at Codeclan. We founded a charity called Get-Well Gamers which redistributes used video games and consoles to sick kids in hospital. We also run a pretty cool Airbnb which I designed. 

This is my space for the frustrated designer/baker/writer in me, to share what inspires me and what I'm making right now.


Food - especially pizza. Especially pizza from Homeslice. Or our new favourite, Paesano.  

Checked shirts, apparently.

Projects, lots and lots of projects. This isn't my room, it's a mock-up of Paul Smith's at the Design Museum, but my office is similarly messy.

Photobombers. More accurately, travelling to places where photobombers hang out.

Clothes. Actually, this is probably just me - James is just an indirect beneficiary.

Dogs. Max, the little Border Terrier we used to babysit from Borrow My Doggy when we lived in London, and my parents' little mutt, Stella (below). Oh, and start-ups - we love a good start-up (in fact, we met via Tinder - that is how much we love start-ups. No-one ever believes that is how we met, but it is. I even wrote about it here).

Stella, my own wee fat Border Terrier in Ayrshire.

Greenwich, where we used to live.

Scotland, where we live now.

Helping people, especially kids in hospital, by co-ordinating donations of games and consoles to them through our charity, Get-Well Gamers.

Anyway, good to have you here - welcome!