Carpark Barbeque

by Stephanie Gilmartin in ,

So, on Thursday I got some potentially life-changing news which put me in a bit of a flutter. I did what anyone would do - went out and drank a sick amount of frozen margarita with the girls from I Love Candy, then called my mum on the way home (whilst cycling) and kept interrupting her. Then on Friday I was feeling a bit fragile, and really wanted to have a barbeque. Since we don't have a garden, the carpark next door had to suffice. It took a while to heat up so we had to toast some marshmallows on it while we were waiting. The scariest thing about carpark barbeques is living next to the police station.

But guess what? Not even da bacon can resist the smell of a barbeque. We expected at least a telling-off, but every policier passing just smiled. One even went so far as to say "great idea"! Face it guys, barbeques are the scent of summer, and wooden sticks (of ice lollies) are the taste.

The best thing about carpark barbeques is meeting all your neighbours. They too lack gardens and you could tell they were contemplating their own sizzling grills... Our across-the-road neighbour told us that a woman who used to live there once had the daddy of all carpark bbqs, taking over the whole carpark with deck chairs and loungers etc. WELL. We hadn't even imagined anything on that scale, but as soon as we get our own garden furniture we'll get on it. As long as I can have

this deck chair


What else happened? We tried edible flowers from Waitrose - peppery and delicious, a little bit like eating less-crispy, funny-shaped rocket -


from the Magic Roundabout loves them, obv.

Oh and Tom took a picture of me looking like the Exorcist.

Thanks Tom.

So here's to a better week, so that I can avoid the margarita hangover. But maybe not the barbeques.