It was just like Christmas.

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[Christmas pictures]

Stella playing with Lion. Speaking of lions,

this one is hilarious.

And this is just

a nice story


The Heston black forest buche - tasted nicer than it looked.

[Weird candle cake that Dad bought and noone wanted to eat because it looked a bit like a block of lard. I think they might have been trying to copy

this idea

of Heston's, but it was a bit sickly.]

[post-Christmas, Mars Bar crispy birthday cake for Lindsay's boyfriend]

[The Duke's Head, Little Burstead - nicest place ever for lunch during a wintery walk]

[especially when you get to sit by the toasty log fire]

[Essex mum's son Sean looking Essex-boy sharp in his new shoes]

The most horrible hedge in the world - cobwebs so thick they look like antlers!

Which is reason enough never to walk too close to it.