When life gives you lemons, make mischief

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...OR COCKTAILS. Well it would be rude not to at a Mad Men party wouldn't it?

Here's my recipe:

Lots of finely-sliced zest + lots of lemon slices + lots of gin + lots of

St Germain

+ lots of ice + some tonic water = lots of fun

[Kate/Betty Draper]

[Angela/Joan, Annie/Betty, Me/no idea which character I was meant to be]

[Making gin fizz]

You could also make lemon posset, because it's delicious and easy. Stir 75g caster sugar into 300ml double cream, bring to the boil for 3 minutes and then, once it has cooled a bit, stir in the juice of 1-2 lemons (depending on taste). Pour into ramekins and leave in the fridge overnight, and that's it - best dessert ever.

More yellow stuff:

lovely citrussy wedding flowers

some nice lemony leaves from


bow-tie garland from


More sunshine flowers from


Someone can get me this birthday cake. Don't worry, I'll eat it all. Eventually.




AND you can wrap my


to match. I just really like yellow just now. It's cheering January

up no end.

Know what else is yellow? Swede. Which is what we'll be having for dinner on Wednesday, for our Burns supper, along with haggis and mashed potatoes. Since Essex mum made me try jellied eels and a whelk I think it's only fair. I might even make some cranachan for a special treat. Recipes


(obv there will be whisky cream sauce as well).

[If you're not Scottish, you can stop reading now - seeing as most of you can't even understand my normal accent.]

Favourite Robert Burns poems? Ones in which he is an utter sleaze, like




. Ones in which he tells stories, like

Tam O'Shanter

, but most of all ones where he is unexpectedly profound, like

To a Louse


And, since noone can get enough Scottishness, here is

a show by David Shrigley

that's on soon in London. And a

Scottish playlist

mainly composed of people whose accents you can still hear when they sing, because that's the best.