Dinner at the diner, nothing could be finer.

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David Shrigley

seems to be another one of those things you only get if you're Scottish. Or Northern Irish. I went to see his exhibition at the Hayward Gallery with my friends Annie, Suzanne and Mark. We had to wait ages to get in and it was about -5 outside but it still made us snicker when we did eventually get in.

[Looks like Glasgow. Oh I miss it.]

[Ransom note sculpture.]

[Photos secretly taken when the security guard turned his back.]

London got its act together for Valentine's day, sort of, with all this stuff near the London Eye. There were hearts hanging from all the trees, this nice little display and music coming from somewhere, specifically

All You Need Is Love

by the Beatles. I was pretending I was in Love, Actually.

I got taken to Cirque du Soleil for Valentine's Day. It was incredible. I found a video of the couple who did the trapeze act on


, the music is all wrong though. Watch it without the sound. I might have already emailed someone about trapeze classes... Anyway, watching trapeze artists is completely mesmeric. It's similar with really talented pole dancers (watch

this one

- it's like the black swan of pole dancing. It must be amazing to be so strong and so elegant at the same time).

The Royal Albert Hall is the coolest building. It's hard to get an idea of the scale until you're actually inside it, but it's CAVERNOUS. This was the best picture I could find:

And that was that. Good job Dan.

This weekend we went to East India Quay. Funny little place. There isn't much there, except for the following: a real East End fish whose skeleton was made out of fishing rods, like he just ate them. He was the sort of fish you don't mess with.

This is Lightship 95. It's a recording studio on a boat. But that's not what we went to Trinity Buoy Wharf for. Oh no.

This is Dan (he of Cirque du Soleil fame). I made him come with me to

Fatboy's Diner

, an original American diner built in New Jersey in 1941. It was raining a bit so I had to point out that New Jersey is where the Sopranos is set and since he has made me watch so many episodes of it, he would probably like it.

It was probably the coolest thing ever to find on an otherwise desolate wharf. There are miniature jukeboxes on all the tables (they don't work, sadly, but I'm sure they used to). It's so cool that Vogue even use it for photoshoots. Not many burger joints can make that claim. Despite all that, it's really cheap.

[and they have cherry coke!]

[And disposable plates. Glam it is not, but it's very cool. Lovely chips too.]

Also at the wharf:

Container City

, does what it says on the tin.

[Fatboy's exterior. NO, in the background.]

A post-lunch stroll in Greenwich unearthed a funny little shop call the Junk Shop. They sold old-fashioned milk bottles that cost £3.50 (sort of thing you'd see in Pedlars for about £25). They also had this horrific stuffed animal with funny eyes:

I love bad taxidermy (as already shown


). I cannot express my excitement about going to the Horniman Museum, because I heard they had a walrus stuffed so full that he doesn't have wrinkles like a normal walrus. I found

a picture

, and I really want to see him in real life, but I'm saving the best one for when I get there - a mermaid, made from a monkey sewn onto a fish. I'm resisting the urge to google pictures as we speak.

That's your lot. Except for this amazing picture of


. Where do you have to go to see them?