Here comes the sun

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I'm back! Sorry... It has been a while.  I barely have time to eat or stand still anymore so you could consider this a bit of treat, if you will...  

I just had a week off, so I'm feeling well-rested and obviously looking forward to my next holiday. To Venice, of all places! I've wanted to go to Venice forever, but since my last holiday was in Scotland, I would say that I'm not exactly lido-ready.  My tan (read: freckles) may be slighty better than usual, but I'm still ghostly.  And I just got a massive bruise on my thigh walking into a bollard (I was making fun of my mum's morbid hobby of always checking who has died in the undertaker's window, and I just walked straight into it. She laughed. Karma is a bitch.)

 Anyway, I'm not going to worry about my tan, because

Pale is the New Tan

.  And I'll be wearing a nice 1950s-style onepiece, as the most flattering swimsuit for someone who is actually shaped like a woman, rather than a flat-chested boy.  There is quite a good selection


, but I actually got mine in Sainsbury's (sorry, Waitrose).  I was discussing the whole beach-body issue with the boyfriend last night, and we started  talking about an article he'd seen about

supermodels without make-up

.  I have quite warmed to the idea that boys are not as naive to grooming as we often perceive them to be, and I also remembered

this article

, about how different classical paintings would look if they were photoshopped to conform to modern standards of beauty.  So far it's been the best thing this year to make me feel better about wearing a swimsuit in public.

On consulting Pinterest, it turns out Marilyn had some wisdom for us too.  En plus, it's entirely boring to be too interested in how you look. 

Back to the SUN, though! Why the title? I'm betting everyone has seen

the new M&S ad

, which I love completely except for the fact that Gary Barlow has been anywhere near it.  

[The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, in the sun]

I also recently watched The English Patient, which made me want to go exploring in hot sunny places where you get thirsty really quickly and only wear white cotton dresses.  

 [This would be my ideal bedroom in summer.]