Snakes and Ladders

by Stephanie Gilmartin in , , ,

So... I've been bloody terrible at writing my blog of late.  Sometimes I haven't been here. Other times I've felt really broken, like there is no space in my head for thinking about anything other than work.  And, just occasionally, I've wanted to go home and give up on everything because it would be easier than trying.

What you have to realise, though, is that if you give up, you'll never know the what if.  As Thomas Edison said (after he had invented the lightbulb) "

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."  (see


 for some extremely cool lightbulbs, btw).

So I haven't given up.  I've just changed my attitude.

I've been sleeping more.  Drinking more water.  Even bought a Richard Branson book.  All of these have helped, a bit, but the thing that helps most is just thinking more positively. It's really easy to forget what your goal is, which is why my preferred place to sit in the library at uni had a big window over the place I would love to buy a house one day (Park Circus, in case you're wondering, and that's level 7 at Glasgow Uni for anyone still swotting. And even

this reasonably cheap one

would do. I'm not fussy).  In my mind,

good exam results = good job = money to buy a nice house

(would that equations were still that simple  mid-recession; now it's more like

good exam results + knowing people who will get you an internship / all the other people who want a job x likelihood that you don't quit because you're so overworked - all the money you'll have to spend commuting because all the jobs are in London = oh you can't afford a house anywhere, ever


Anyway, I decided I needed to regain my focus. I need a new Park Circus, if you like. So I've bought a copy of Country Living.  I'm thinking about simple pleasures, like ice lollies, cups of tea, reading, long walks, picnics... and saving up for something bigger that I'll appreciate all the more for it.  I've got some dreamy pinboards going on


, including a slightly embarrassing one entitled "boke" for motivation (and a cute picture of a sleeping dog, obv.) If you're into interiors, you may also like


 - delicious name, delicious apartments.


[Pretty bedroom]

I know what I want, and I am slowly figuring out how to get there.  I'm also discovering that when people tell you not to be so hard on yourself... they're usually right.  You've got to be a bit nice to yourself (and may I be a bit Baz Luhrmann and include


in that advice? I know right, gross). 

My "nice to myself" treats are going to be

ice lollies

, still reading Country Living despite my boyfriend's protestations that I am SO not their demographic, and maybe

these cups

 because I love them (but probably only two, since they're expensive and I want to save up for a house/car/future life or something.)

I will leave you with an inspirational quotation from "boke" (handy for when you've just failed your driving test) and a gratuitous picture of a cute dog.  Laterzzzz.