This weekend...

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 ...we ate lots of vegetables, disguised by dairy products...

 [garlic mushrooms in cream, sweet potatoes stuffed with taleggio, and THE MOST AMAZING brussels sprouts ever, cooked with bacon, cream, onion, butter and cashew nuts - so far two people who don't even like brussels sprouts have requested more. Recipe in this month's Delicious magazine.]

 I dyed my hair a really dark brown, to get into the spirit of winter, and outed my lovely new jumper (from Primark for little boys - best buy ever).

 I finally fixed the crate on the front of my bike, after deciding in Amsterdam that my basket was too twee and it had to go.  Sorted! Next upgrade is white tyres, gotta love that Dutch cycle style.

 And we finally got to go the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. Oh, the things we learned! Did you know that horses used to have three toes instead of a hoof, before they evolved?  Mental.

 This Walrus has no wrinkles - they've been stuffed out of it. He's massive! 

 A wee family of badgers - reminded me of Wind in the Willows.

 Dan looking not dissimilar to a primate.

 Dogs are all evolved from wolves - bizarre, when you see how different they all look.

 The cutest wee guy ever! I'd quite like one for a pet.

 How terrifying are fruit bats though?!

This is from the African statuary section. Really, the head of Baby Dinosaur on your Voodoo altar? Who would buy into this religion?

This is the Merman, a monkey grafted to a fish. Weird eh? I love how people from different countries tried to play each other (this was made in Asia, and brought to Europe by sailors who had been told they existed in Asiatic waters).

There were a lot of weird puppets too, reminiscent of Wicker Man or Lord of the Flies. I also discovered that in Punch and Judy, the Policeman (or Bow Street Runner) exists in the play to arrest punch for murdering his wife and child. Pretty dark for a children's puppet show. 

Dan still hasn't learned to smile properly in pictures with other people.

But he's perfectly presentable on his own.

I think I needed a weekend like this, quiet and with modest pleasures, after this week. It was my Gran's funeral on Wednesday, and although it would have suited her down to the ground, it was still really tough.  I still can't believe she's not there anymore, or that she won't be there for Christmas dinner.  It was hard to come back to London after it. She wouldn't have a collection - we were all to buy ourselves some flowers instead.  I still haven't found any I've thought she'd approve of.  I miss her.