Food in Berlin

by Stephanie Gilmartin in , ,

Need-to-know about food in Berlin:

It's super-cheap to go out for dinner.

Currywurst is not as disgusting as it sounds, though the sauce is surprisingly sweet and sugary.  

Curry 36

is the best.

But now, a word about pastries.  You can buy MASSIVE pastries, as big as your HEAD, everywhere.  I love Berlin.

We found a bakery called

Kamps Backstube

, where they (and I saw this with my own eyes) have cartons of icing that they paint on to the danish pastries with a paintbrush.  Actually.  They were soooo soft and crispy and sweet.

This was from another place - covered in nuts and cinnamon.

That is probably all you need to know.  Apart from the fact that if you're on the Atkins diet, you probably shouldn't go to Berlin, because it's pretty cold and all the food is a humungous carb-fest.  Which is the best holiday food EVER.