Hipster Berlin

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About time to wrap up the old Berlin blogs, I think.  Some hipster things to do in Berlin while you're there (and you can listen to

this playlist

at the same time, if you like):

Eat burritos at Dolores, Rosa Luxembourg Strasse. Delish.

I loves an ironic tshirt I does.  Maybe it's not even ironic, who knows? From

Aus Berlin

, which sells things from Berlin you might actually want.  Speaking of ironic tshirts, I have fallen in love with the web comic

Hipster Hitler

for Hitler's ironic tshirts alone.  Which thankfully they also sell! 

[I love that the Adidas store is audacious enough to stock these. There's a good chance someone there would have bought these too.]

[New shoes.]

[Tascheles Art Squat, sadly shut down by the feds.  You used to be able to go in and see what all the artists were up to. Shame, really.