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Berlin has the most beautiful park called the Tiergarten. It's huge -520 acres compared to NY's Central Park's 873.  Walking through it in the snow was like getting lost in a forest.  The whole thing is breathtaking. We went for a wander around the Neuen See, which is the biggest lake in the park.  I'd love to go back in the summer, when they have boats for hire.

[the Neuen See]

The Cafe am Neuen See was beautiful - like an Alpine chalet in the middle of the snowy park.  The decor was lovely - very sparse and Scandinavian in style with white-painted wood, strings of plain lightbulbs outside and simple white candles, all lit, all around the windows.  Quite pricy but worth it for the atmosphere.

I won't elaborate on the rest of our walk, after I'd had some wine... I didn't make it through the rest of the snow without slipping though :-/