Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Holiday season is upon us (nearly).  We're breaking ourselves in gently for it, having little mini-holidays where we can.  You don't actually have to go away anywhere to have a mini-holiday.  You can just put on sunglasses and sun cream and pretend you're away somewhere, even if you're just in your garden.

Here are the things making us feel like we're on holiday right now:

1. New Zipcar! We are big fans of this car-hire scheme (because who needs one all the time in London?).

    The best thing is that they replace them with brand new ones every so often, so this is our new local one (a

     Volkswagen Up!) and it's really cute! Better than the boring old Golf from before.

 2.  A cheeky little weekend break in Bath, with a trip to the Thermae Spa's rooftop pool in the sunshine

      (prettier view than you'd get on holiday anyway, I think - there were loads of hot air balloons flying

      around the day we went too).  The Bertinet bakery there also does the best quiche EVER.

3. Another cheeky trip, this time to Paris for the day with work:

 [Tour d'Eiffel]

 [on the Batobus]

 [in the Jardin des Tuileries]

4. My "tablecloth" for my bedside table (a tea towel from Anthropologie)

5. Having MILLIONS of freckles (IT'S NOT EVEN MAY YET)

6.Strawberries from my new favourite local grocer The Creaky Shed

7.  My new idea for dinner - London Picnic Club (sadly the name is already taken, but I am championing a

    different concept (which doesn't cost £35) - everyone brings their own wee picnic plate/bowl, cup and 

    cutlery, a bottle of wine, a blanket to sit on and enough of their favourite picnic snack to share. Then after    

    work you all go to a park and have your dinner in the last rays of the sun.  Good idea non?

[picture from



8.Making my own friendship bracelets in colours I actually like

And finally, dreaming about one day having a house exactly

like this

, which is exactly like being on holiday every day.