Home again

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Mum this is mostly for you... (but you must not judge the missing curtains/rugs/lampshades - 

I'm not finished yet)

 [Living room with multi-tasking coffee table/bench]

 [Cushions from Anthropologie and John Lewis]

 [Curtains to be replaced... probably with more grey or white stuff]

 [former tenant's hideous picture (on floor) has now been thrown out]

 [The tallest, heaviest wardrobes known to man]

I'm a little bit obsessed with clever storage and good design, so I've been getting into other peoples' blogs about their tiny flats.  These seem to really proliferate in New York in particular, which is funny, because I always think of America as being massive compared to here.  Any recommendations of good ones? I need more ideas! I for one am thankful that I don't live anywhere as horrific as

these apartments


One thing I'd say about living somewhere small is that is forces you to tidy up, which can only be a good thing, right?  I'm also just going to say, right now, that if you come for dinner you will be sitting on one of two seats which double as tables, or possibly on my step (the one I need to reach the insanely tall wardrobe shelves).  Sorry, but we only have space for two chairs.