Zombies Run!

by Stephanie Gilmartin in , , ,

I just got a new exercise app for my phone. I know, snoooze. Except it's actually really cool. It's called Zombies Run!, and at heart it is a 5k training app. A 5k training app with a built in audio-book/game/military training. It is basically like being a character in your very own Playstation game, whilst getting fit at the same time.

I should qualify that - I think computer games are boring, and largely for boys.  Ditto zombies (although the excellent French tv series Les Revenants, or The Returned, has gone some way towards changing my mind). But this is different.

If you're very lazy, no problem. You would be amazed at how fast you can run when "mission control" is telling you there's a zombie behind you, then you hear the zombie grunting and heavy-breathing in your headphones, chasing you. FYI, really quite fast.

Luckily my usual route fits in quite well with the story so far - the riverside is quite dystopian with some grim disused factories, and the "mission" I had to do this morning included picking up supplies from the hospital (I run past two).

Running can get a bit boring, especially on your own, but this gives a sense of purpose, excitement and imagination. I would definitely recommend it - I can see how it was in the top 100 designs of last year (as exhibited at The Design Museum). Next stop, new PB!