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A picture paints a thousand words... or does it? Here are some pictures from my instagram following the end of my relationship - I'm pretty sure the subtext never made it through so I'll fill you in.

This was me, scrubbed up all nice for an interview I subsequently never made it to because I was crying too much.

This is some salad I had for dinner - hitting that new single-girl diet hard.

This is the new stuff I bought on a me-me-me winter shopping trip to the Kings Road (actually very satisfying) 

This is me at the Hoxton Hotel with my best friend Richie, drowning my sorrows (something I did a lot of that week, culminating in not remembering how I got home on Friday night).

When you have lunch by yourself you've got time for the little things.  Like photographing your shoes.

My wee mum, on the weekend that I had to go back to Scotland before I had a nervous breakdown (if anyone can make you stronger, it's your mum).

My parents tried to cheer me up by feeding the dog a bowl of soup...

 Please be patient with me if I'm not as cheerful as usual for a few weeks, or if you think I just need to get on with things.  I'm trying my best, but breaking up is hard and it's not even over yet.