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Some pictures from Octobrrrr, where I've been too busy to write even one single blog post (sorrrrry) (all Rs to be rolled from now on because it's getting chilly).

 [Ahhh, Scotland.  So pretty that taking nice pictures is effortless.  Also so cold that wearing two pairs of pyjamas doesn't keep you warm.] 

This is Percy the Pumpkin.  I carved him for mum's work, then she butchered him by knocking out his tooth and dropping him on his nose.  He was so big that he lived to tell the tale though.  

 [Hallowe'en costume - Mexican sugar skull from Dia de los Muertos]

 [A chilly evening sail down the Thames with hot chocolate, cider and James for company]

 [the first of Ian's two smashing pumpkin entries]

 [Sharon's Medusa pumpkin]

 [Emma's skeleton, Frankenstein, witch and cat pumpkin - amazing first attempt at a pumpkin!]

 [One of two winners - Ian's Freddy Kreuger pumpkin]

 [the other winner - Elly's super-cool white ribcage pumpkin with orange pumpkin guts!]

     [Some pretty flowers I recently received that look like little cabbages]

 [Someone I've been spending quite a lot of time with]

So October is now over, and November is upon us, which means Bonfire night.  In the spirit of doing everything early this year (even though it's really Bonfire night tomorrow) Annie and I went to a firework disco (complete with lasers and music by the Prodigy) at Ally Pally on Saturday night.  

Then because we're old we went home to drink cider in the warm and talk about Tinder and boys (which is our new favourite thing, and if you're single in London and you haven't got the app then you need to think about what you're doing with your life). 

It's properly winter now, and sparkly fireworks are a good visual reminder that it's time to  

look for a sparkly party dress to go out dancing in, and time to organise loads of good nights in with friends and food and films.  Already looking forward to the Muppet Christmas Carol sing-a-long in December and Mockmas (fake Christmas with friends). Is it too early to put up Christmas decorations?